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Big Smartphone Fight Good For Retailers

A bitter smartphone battle in the last quarter of 2017 could drive sales of premium phones sky-high with Apple with their new iPhone 8 and Samsung with a new Note 8 tipped to go head to head.

The big question for iPhone owners will be “what has the new iPhone got over an all new Samsung Note 8”.

The answer could well be “nothing” because at this stage it appears that the iPhone 8 is set to mirror a lot of the features already found in Samsung and other Android based smartphones.

According to sources the new iPhone 8 will feature a, dual-lens camera, augmented reality to generate real-time views of surroundings a curved glass casing and wireless charging like previous Samsung devices.

The current aluminium back will be replaced with two reinforced glass panes and a metal frame in the middle, the device will also have facial recognition, technology that is set to become common in most premium smartphones.

The new 5 inches (12.7 centimetre) and 5.8 inch (14.7 centimetre) iPhone models, will have a wraparound OLED screen.

Although Samsung is still riding on the success of its Galaxy S8 handsets, it appears that a new Note 8 is well advanced and could be launched 30 days out from the iPhone 8 in early September.

A series of leaks claiming to be the Android device has surfaced, showing a dual lens camera, an S Pen stylus inside and the same edge-to-edge screen as the S8 family.

Rumours surrounding the Note 8 first came to light in April, it’s believed to have a significantly smaller bezel than previous models, an infinity screen and dual cameras.

Sources have said its design will mirror that of the Galaxy S8.

Sources have also suggested that the Note 8 will have an Infinity display, which has an 18.5-to-9 width-to-length ratio.

While Apple has benefitted from the problems associated with the Note 7 analysts are tipping that Apple will have to “Be convincing” if they are to hold onto market share.

Cowen and Company analyst Timothy Arcuri forecasted that Apple would ship 41.5 million iPhone units in the quarter ending in June 2017.

The rumour mill has been suggesting that Apple will be creating a special edition iPhone 8 handset to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. This special handset is tipped to go on sale alongside more traditional and incremental iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus handsets.

One of the key changes expected to be introduced with the iPhone 8 is the long-awaited debut of OLED screens which Samsung has been using on flagship Galaxy phones for years, Apple has steered clear of the tech – until now.

OLED screens have a key advantage over traditional LED-backlit LCD displays in that the individual pixels in the panel produce their own light. This means there’s no need for a backlight, thus saving power. Also, because individual pixels can be turned on or off, it’s possible to display true blacks, allowing for a wider colour gamut and better dynamic range.

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