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New Microsoft Surface “A Shocker” “Full Of Glue” Claims, 0-10 For Repairability

The Microsoft New Surface laptop which is due to go on sale in  Australia shortly has been described as a “shocker” after it was discovered that it is full of glue and almost impossible to fix.

The shocking discovery was made by iFixit a business that strips notebooks and tablets down to see how easy they are to fix when they go wrong.

They have described the Windows 10 S device, which Microsoft is aiming at school kids as “glue-filled monstrosity” that’s impossible to fix without destroying the device.

It was so bad that the Company gave it a 0-out-of-10 reparability score.

iFixit said the battery not is only hard to replace, but dangerous too, claiming it gave the device “a limited lifespan.”

Set to sell in Australia soon Microsoft has been accused of price gouging by using an “extremely cheap” manufacturing process so that they can make a bigger margin.

The elimination of movable parts such as screws is due to the Company using robots to make the goods claim experts.

The teardown experts at iFixit say that, due to the soldered plastic shell and the complete lack of screws, the machine cannot be opened without breaking parts of it.

An iFixit spokesperson said (via Motherboard):” If we could give it a -1 out of 10, we would. It’s a Russian nesting doll from hell with everything hidden under adhesive and plastic spot welds. It is physically impossible to non-destructively open this device.

“The Surface Laptop is not a laptop. It’s a glue-filled monstrosity. There is nothing about it that is upgradable or long-lasting, and it literally can’t be opened without destroying it.”
Elsewhere, the new Microsoft Surface Pro doesn’t fare much better, with iFixit dishing out a 1-out-of-10 reparability score.

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