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Big Data & AI Needed To Manage CCV-19 Induced Data Traffic

SYDNEY: Nokia has analysed the impact of social isolation measures on network traffic and says to cope with the traffic surge, telcos will need tools that give them real-time, granular information about their networks, help them gain insights and correlate and visualise data at speeds and in ways that human brains cannot.

Writing in a Nokia blog, Craig Labovitz, CTO of Nokia’s Deepfield portfolio of network intelligence, analytics and DDoS security products, said Nokia had analysed data from several networks in Western Europe from the week of March 9, 2020.

“We have been seeing 20–40 percent peak increase (usually in evenings) in impacted regions over the last four weeks. … So far networks appear to be meeting demand, but they were designed to grow that much in a year, not in days,“ Labovitz said.

“We are also seeing unprecedented growth in latency-sensitive applications during business hours: 300 percent growth in teleconferencing apps in the US (eg, Zoom, Skype) and 400 percent growth in gaming (with kids being at home!).” – Stuart Corner


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