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BenQ Launches New Range of Collaborative 4K Interactive Flat Panels

BenQ has announced the addition of the RP654K, RP704K, RP750K and RP860K to its Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) lineup.

“Not all interactive displays are created equal,” said Andrew Lambkin, Business Development Manager at BenQ Australia.

According to him, “today’s evolving presentation and collaboration needs demand visual tools that make participation simple and effective. Utilizing our own unique styling and web-based tools, BenQ IFPs make teaching and collaboration fun and productive right out of the box.”

Designed to effectively serve both education and business customers, the 65-inch RP654K, 70-inch RP704K, 75-inch RP750K and 86-inch RP860K IFPs all boast a crisp 4K resolution display, long-lasting brightness, convenient pen tray and 20-point multi-touch capabilities.

All three displays arrive ready to integrate with InstaQShare, an app that can connect up to 16 participants and provides wireless streaming and mirroring of all digital content from devices including smartphones.

BenQ are further sweetening the deal by including capabilities like handwriting recognition and onboard 32-watt speakers, which they say allow “the smallest idea come to life and be easily heard.”

Australian pricing and availability varies. The 65-inch RP654K comes in at $6499, the 70-inch RP704K costs $8999, the 75-inch RP750K is $9999 and the 86-inch RP860K tops out the range at $12999.

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