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Belkin Release New Boost Wireless Chargers

Belkin has added three new Boost Charge wireless chargers to its product portfolio.

The expanded line of wireless charging options will include a new 5W pad ($44.95), a 7.5W stand ($79.95) and a 7.5W car vent mount ($89.95).

According to Belkin, the three new products will “join a curated collection to deliver fast, efficient and safe charging without the clutter of cables, providing consumers with the ability to wirelessly charge at home, at work, and on the go”.

All three options come with universal Qi compatibility optimised for iPhones and are compatible with iPhone cases up to 3mm.

The charging pad is non-slip with LED indicators that indicate whether a phone is charging optimally or when a foreign object is detected nearby.

The stand has the ability to charge in portrait and landscape mode, which will provide users optimal viewing experience while charging.

The vent mount delivers convenient wireless charging with padded arms that help grip the phone, maintaining consistent wireless charge, while secured connection to vent prevents device from falling in the event of bumps and turns.

All three Boost Charge wireless charging options are available from the Apple website and select Apple stores.

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