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Beats Solo 3 Wireless Review: Seamless Listening With Superior Sound

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones boast of up to 40 hours of battery life, award winning sound and Bluetooth wireless listening – all powered by Apple’s W1 Chip.

With soft on-ear cushioned cups fitted beneath a flexible and adjustable band – the headphones scream convenience, booming sound and personalisation for the individual taste.

Featuring the Beats by Dre latest charging technology, Fast Fuel, users can expect to receive up to three hours of listening time after just five minutes’ worth of charging.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

The Class 1 Bluetooth wireless listening enables a listening experience centred on freedom with impressive audio, backed by the award-winning Beats sound.

The integrated on-ear controls coupled with dual beam-forming mics allow you to take calls, play music, adjust volume and activate Siri while on the go.

As a Millennial, patience for complicated set-ups with new products is very limited – if existing at all. If I am going to spend $299.95 on a product, I want to be rewarded immediately with its promises.

In this case – the Beats Solo 3 Wireless delivered on all fronts.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

Using the headphones over a three-week period throughout most workdays, the Beats headphones are still, remarkably, resting 89 per cent battery without a single recharge.

The cushion-supported fit gave me a comfortable, soft listening experience that wasn’t hindered by headaches I usually receive from other audio products that aren’t as flexible, soft or adjustable.

In addition, the easy set up that involved turning on just one button to pair with any device immediately, meant that I didn’t even have to skim instructions. I could easily binge on Netflix through my iPhone or MacBook without complicated set ups or having to worry about the headphones disconnecting.

The easy click-button located on one ear cuff enabled the ability to turn music on and off easily, giving a smooth, fiddle-free transition between blasting music and listening to the workplace.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

This is truly a product well worth every cent – a significant statement coming from a frugal consumer. The headphones deliver premium, superior sound with fine-tuned acoustics that clearly elevated clarity, breadth and balance of sound.

Taking calls also came without fuss – test runs in the office proved accepting incoming calls to be easy, without hindering the receiver’s quality of my voice as I talked back through the headphone’s microphones.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

I could easily switch back to speaking through my iPhone with options that immediately appeared on my screen as soon as I answered the call.

The bright, bold aesthetic was always going to attract Millennials in droves but the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones are undoubtedly backed up by impressive sound, comfortable design and an easy set up.

Bravo to the Beats Solo 3 Wireless headphones – they can be purchased in a range of colours from the Apple Store for $299.95, at JB Hi-Fi in black for $279 or at other select retailers.

This article was written objectively without any rewards or relationship with any company.

(Photo: Apple’s Beats Solo 3 Wireless)

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