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Mitsubishi Reveal Outrageous 92 Inch 3DTV $6K As HD Soars

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First launched in CES earlier this year the 92 inch DLP Home Cinema TV will be one of the biggest consumer TVs on the market when it is launched as 3D becomes more mainstream to the living room.

Nonetheless, although the giant HD-ready TV, which costs only around US$5,999 – very cheap for such a super sized screen – won’t be available in Australia (Mitsu sell commercial screens only here).

Specs wise more information on the world’s biggest TV has just been released including a 16 speaker Dolby Digital 5 system, HDMI, 1080p, and iPhone remote control app, and is internet ready, bien sur.

 3DTV is now one of the fastest growing categories of TV with shipments rising a whopping 104 percent last quarter, according to DisplaySearch figures.

However another category also on the up are HDTVs with one quarter of consumers surveyed revealing a HD set was next on their to buy list, with another 60 percent saying they already own one.

The ABI survey of 2,000 US consumers also indicated Blu-ray DVD players are second on the list of most desired goods with almost one fifth ( 17 percent) saying they intended to purchase one in the next six months. Video consoles was third the list.

“As consumers replace older TVs, there really isn’t much choice now but to buy an HDTV, so even if the consumer doesn’t necessarily want to view HDTV content, that’s usually what they end up with,” ABI analyst Michael Inouye said, adding that falling prices having also helped win consumers around.

And consumer tastes are becoming far more sophisticated admits Mitsubishi with viewers demanding bigger screens and ‘larger than life experience’ than ever before.

“Consumers are demanding outrageously large screens with the high speed response and picture quality to transform 3D TV watching into a bigger-than-life, fully immersive experience,” Max Wasinger, exec VP of sales and marketing, from Mitsubishi revealed.