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Australians Buying Direct From Brands: Report

Almost half of Australians have purchased directly from a brand online, with this form of shopping increasing among younger consumers.

This is one of the findings from the Australian Ecommerce Report 2022, released today by IAB Australia and Pureprofile, which showed the sea change to digital shopping has well and truly taken ahold in Australia.

47 per cent of online shoppers have purchased from a direct to consumer brand, while 31 per cent have purchased multiple direct brands.

“Direct brand shoppers tend to be younger and more frequent online shoppers and they maintain strong customer loyalty”, the report found.

64 per cent of online shoppers purchase directly from their favourite brand on multiple occasions, with 61 per cent reporting they would rarely or never buy their favourite direct brand product from a different business.

39 per cent of direct brand shoppers are subscribed to a product delivery service.

This brand loyalty extends to rewards programs, which are thriving in Australia. 90 per cent of shoppers are signed up to at least one shopper reward program. 40 per cent of those signed up to rewards program have four or more cards.

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