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Australian Pricing Announced For New Sony OLED

Australian pricing and availability has been announced for Sony’s new Bravia A1 series of OLED televisions.

According to Sony, “Creating a totally new viewing experience by combining the superior picture quality of OLED with the 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, the A1 series offers the world’s very first in-screen sound system in a large screen TV1.”

Available in two sizes, they say “X1 Extreme has been widely acclaimed for its ability to produce lifelike picture with superb texture, depth, colour, and contrast, bringing a significant leap forward in the space of HDR.”

Like LG’s OLED range, Sony’s offering will support the Dolby Vision standard for HDR content.

Of course, Sony says, the “BRAVIA OLED’s innovations do not end with incredible picture performance.” The A1 series is the world’s first large screen TV which can emit sound from the screen itself.


Sony say “this allows for a perfect unification of picture and sound unattainable by conventional TVs. It produces a wide sound and image synchronisation even off to the sides.”

The A1 series will be available in all major retailers in Australia and online through Sony  from today.

The suggested retail price for the A1 series starts at $7499.00 for the 65-inch and $4999.00 for the 55-inch.

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