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Aussies Warned Over NBN Worker Scam

Australians are being warned over scammers pretending to be NBN employees in a scam that targets businesses and residents, in areas where technicians are completing fibre upgrades.

Last year, around 1,800 Aussies lost over A$1.2 million to these scammers via a remote access scam.

NBN employees uncovered the scam that targets businesses and residents, getting them to hand over money and personal details.

These scammers have been door-knocking and cold-calling homes in areas where new fibre is being installed by actual NBN technicians.

Back in March, scammers called customers in Ravensthorpe, WA, and claimed they needed to pay money for new internet hardware or postage costs.

In April, they called customers in Adelaide, SA, revealing they would be arriving in a few days, but there was no appointment booked.

In Young, NSW, these scammers have offered to inspect homes for a fibre upgrade, taking bank account details in the process.

They also called customers in Warrnambool, VIC, convincing them they had to hand over bank details while upgrades were in the process.

They’ve also conned people into paying for new modems for their fibre upgrades.

NBN has advised its technicians would contact people alerting them of visits before appointments, and advise where fibre upgrades would take place.

Customers will also receive text messages days before an appointment, which asks them to either confirm or cancel.

NBN technicians never seek payment for an appointment, postage costs, hardware costs or ask to access customer computers or devices.

The local head of NBN, Chris Cusack revealed the scammers impersonated staff, offering to check phone and internet services of residents in areas, pointing out NBN vehicles as proof of authenticity.

“These impersonators are also asking residents for payment to test their services or secure upgrades and repair works in the future. In taking the payment these people are then skimming banking and card details to extract more money afterwards. We are asking residents to be extra-vigilant against scams, especially while legitimate NBN work is underway.”

He advised authorised technicians would never ask for payment, and NBN-approved technicians would carry identification cards.

He urged customers to always request to see this card before providing access to anything.

“Do not share your bank or personal details with an unsolicited caller or with people who door knock claiming to be from NBN trying to sell you an NBN service or seeking payment for related services. If you get contacted like this, please close your door, or hang up the phone and report it to the ACCC’s Scam watch.”

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