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Alienware Out At JB Hi-Fi As Gaming Notebook Market Starts To Come Back Monitor Sales Booming

JB Hi-Fi has dropped Alienware notebooks the gaming brand that at one period of time were the #1 gaming machine in Australia and the benchmark for gaming machines.

ChannelNews understands that sales had fallen away as brands including Lenovo, ASUS and MSI stripped sales with the Dell brand now being sold online at Amazon and at Dell’s own direct sell web site.

Currently the Alienware M16 R1 – Gaming Laptop i9-13900HX with a 16″ QHD+ 240Hz that comes with 64GB Memory – 1TB SSD – NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 4090 Graphics – Win 11 Home – 1 Year Premium Support by Alienware is selling for $5,798.

Sales of gaming notebooks suffered the same fate as the overall PC market in 2023 with the gaming category declining 13.2% year over year to 44 million units for the year globally.

Currently JB Hi-Fi is still ranging Alienware monitors due to the fact that gaming monitors were able to buck the trend as lower pricing helped drive volume and resulted in gaming monitors growing 20.3% during the past 12 months.

According to IDC research gaming PCs will see modest growth of 1% with notebooks being the primary driver due to the introduction of new AI notebooks and new notebooks powered by Qualcomm processors specifically designed for notebooks.

They also predict that gaming monitors will continue their growth trajectory, reaching 22.2 million units and growing 13.6% in 2024 with consumers who invested in new gaming machines now buying up a new generation of monitors with faster refresh rates.

Beyond 2024, IDC forecasts the gaming market to grow further with PC volume reaching 52 million units in 2028 and monitors reaching 29.6 million units during the same period. In addition, gaming monitor prices are expected to drop each year while gaming PCs shift upwards and average selling prices rise to $1101 as notebooks and premium GPUs gain more traction.


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