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Aussie Tech Firm Scores Legal Win Over Apple In Patent Claim

Charter Pacific Corporation, an Australian technology investment firm has scored a legal victory over Apple, after the tech giant tried and failed to get a patent infringement lawsuit dismissed.

CPC has taken Apple to court, both in the US and Australia, over claims that Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID breaches biometric patents it holds. US district court Judge Alan Albright denied Apple’s call to dismiss two of CPC’s three claims. A third claim involving smart wallets was, however, dismissed.

“The Court denied Apple’s motion to dismiss on all grounds except one,” CPC chief executive Kevin Dart told the AFR.

“For that remaining ground, which pertains to only one of the three patents in suit, the judge found that CPC’s submissions in opposition to the motion to dismiss set forth a viable claim of infringement.

“The judge instructed CPC to supplement the complaint’s infringement allegations with regard to that patent, to include the points made in such submissions in opposition, which CPC will do forthwith. Thereafter, CPC will be allowed to proceed on all of its infringement claims against Apple.”


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