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Aussie Smartphone Usage Ahead Of The World

If you think you’re addicted to your smartphone, you might be onto something with a new predictions report showing Australia is ahead of the world when it comes to smartphone usage.

A new report by Deloitte says by the end of 2018 smartphone penetration in Australia will be over 90 per cent, with the rest of the world to follow five years later in 2023.

The report – 2018 Technology, Media and Telecommunications Predictions – also says smartphone sales will increase by 19 per cent in 2023 hitting $1.85bn a year, and 5 million units a day sold.

What Deloitte says will make the smartphone so successful is ‘the introduction of an array of innovations that are largely invisible to its user but whose combined impact should feel tangible in the form of greater ease of use (such as facial recognition based on depth maps) or improved functionality (for example, maps and photos).’

Kimberly Chang, Deloitte Australia’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications leader spoke to Business Insider Australia saying, “For Australians 2018 will be about how smartphones are used.

“With invisible innovations such as Artificial intelligence chips likely to become standard across smartphones by 2023 and with better batteries and connectivity, we expect to see an increase in smartphone uses, including to interact with IoT devices and completing work-flow activities such as expenses and time sheets.”

The report also predicts by 2023 most developed countries will have 5G networks. With AI chips to be ubiquitous in smartphones by 2023.

For those hankering for 5G, it is only five years away.

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