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Aussie ‘Cool Vendors’ Named

Market research outfit Gartner has named 10 Australian companies, plus one from New Zealand. as “cool vendors” in a 2015 global listing of 456 companies, as part of research on digital disruptions and potential disruptors that it says will change relationships with technology forever.

The 11 companies are: Alex Solutions (risk management); Aulive Information (innovation and governance); Canva (content marketing); Catapult (wearable electronics); Hey You (consumer mobile apps); Integrated Research (availability and performance); Maestrano (pervasive integration); Octopus Deploy (devopps); SmartCap Technologies (wearable electronics); StretchSense NZ (IoT-enabled humans); and Veriluma (analytics).

“The trend toward digitalisation continues unabated in 2016,” said Daryl Plummer, a Gartner VP .

“These disruptive changes can shift assets, channels and capabilities of entire industries, he added.”Whether feature-focused, fad-obsessed or disruption-bound, CIOs, IT leaders and their technology provider counterparts cannot ignore the effect of the new digital landscape.”

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