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Pirates Going Quiet Down Under

Computer users in Australia are using unlicensed software at a rate of 20 percent, according to a survey by the Business Software Alliance. That’s down 1pc on the last survey in 2013 – and a major improvement on the BSA’s figures of some years ago when CDN recalls rates of 25-35pc and more were being mentioned.

It also contrasts with the BSA’s guess at an international average of 39pc of unlicensed software on computers– let alone the average for Asia-Pacific nations of 61 percent.

One way or another, it seems Australians are now much less inclined to use borrowed copies as most of the world, and considerably  better than most of its A-Pac neighbors.

And, while home users often get blamed for a lot of software piracy, the latest report issued yesterday by BSA said that, even in “certain critical industries”, unlicensed software use worldwide is surprisingly high. For instance, it says, in the banking, insurance and securities industries the worldwide rate is 25pc – considerably worse than Aussie general users. So it goes … – DF

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