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Audio Pro C-Series Launches Down Under

Audio Pro is launching its Addon C series of multi-room speakers in Australia which includes the C10, C5 and C-Sub.

All speakers in the series can be controlled with the Audio Pro app.

Addon C10

The Addon C10 has a 2 x 3⁄4” textile dome tweeter and a 5.25 subwoofer. Users are able to play music on whatever speaker they want from streaming services, on their phone or computer in the network.

Users can also plug their smartphones into the speaker to charge them. The C10 is compatible with Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Connect. Users have the ability to connect a turntable or CD player to the C10 speaker.

Available in coal black, arctic white and storm grey. This product has been awarded five stars from What Hi-Fi.

It is priced at $549.

C10 Multi-Room Speaker

Addon C5

The C5 speaker is a smaller speaker than the C10 but still has ample sound. It is equipped with a digital class D amplifier, 40W tweeter, 2 34″ textile dome tweeters and a 4″ long throw woofer.

This multi-room speaker is similar to the C10 where it is compatible with Spotify Connect, Airplay and Bluetooth and users can plug a turntable or CD player into the speaker. Users have the option to pair the speakers together or play them individually.

It is priced at $399.

C5 Multi-Room Speakers

Addon C-SUB

The C-Sub has a 200W amplifier, a 6.5″ long throw digital class D woofer and two 7.5″ passive radiators.

It is a 23cm cube of bass. It also have wireless auto connect to the nearest Audio Pro multi-room speaker. It can also play via cable.

Audio Pro says this C Sub matches perfectly with any Audio Pro multiconnected speakers. Users can add as many C-SUB subwoofers in the multiroom setup.

It is priced at $649.

C-Sub Multi-room Speaker

Audio Pro products can be purchased at David Jones either in-store or online.

ChannelNews will be reviewing the C10 and C Sub in the upcoming weeks.

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