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Asustek To Cut PC Offerings

Asustek Computer has revealed it is planning to cut back on its consumer desktop offerings and will focus on the enterprise sector in China and Taiwan, as well as all-in-one PC and high-end Republic of Gamers (ROG) branded gaming products, according to a Digitimes news service report.

Taiwan-based Digitimes says Asustek shipped around one million desktops in 2013, two million units in 2014, but less than three million units in 2015, and around one million in 2016.

Worldwide PC shipments have been suffering from declines in the past few years and were down to only around 260 million units in 2016 from over 360 million units in 2011.

Among desktop-based PC applications, only gaming and enterprise models are still seeing small shipment growths, Digitimes says.

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