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ASUS Takes Over Intel Product Lines

ASUS is now the official manufacturer and seller of Intel’s Next Unit of Computing (NUC) 10th to 13th generation product lines, with plans of developing future NUC systems.

At the official signing ceremony, Intel marked the handover of Intel’s NUC product lines. The signing of a non-exclusive agreement allows ASUS to now manufacture and sell Intel NUC systems (10th – 13th Gen), as well as develop future systems. It does, however, leave doors open for other PC makers. ASUS acquired the line after Intel stepped away in mid-July

Intel NUC are small-form-factor devices, or elements customisable for business, edge computing, and gaming environments.

Following the handover, ASUS begun the business by taking orders for 10th to 13th Gen systems on September 1st. The business has been generating a wide variety opportunities, and a smooth transition for customers.

The vision for the company is to provide “the most impactive edge computing with comprehensive commercial and AIoT solutions that can sustain the industry and businesses.”

Intel software and hardware combined with ASUS innovation is expected to take the NUC solutions to the next level, offering a range of solutions for industrial, commercial, and prosumer markets.

The NUC offerings are designed for a wide range of scenarios including productivity at home or in office, gaming, edge computing, commercial, and professional.

ASUS has the rights to offer 10th Gen to 13th Gen, however all systems featured on the NUC website are powered by Intel’s 13th Gen Core ‘Raptor Lake’ processors. The agreement requires ASUS to continue supporting older NUCs but they are not required to sell older NUCs.

Members of the Intel NUC unit, who joined the ASUS NUC business unit were welcomed by the ASUS SVP & co-Head of OP & AIoT business groups, Jackie Hsu. These team members are expected to enhance the R&D capabilities of ASUS.

“I am confident that this collaboration will enhance and accelerate our vision for the mini PC. Adding the Intel NUC product line to our portfolio will extend ASUS’ AI and IoT R&D capabilities and technology solutions, especially in three key markets – industrial, commercial, and prosumer.”

ASUS has licensed hardware system designs and software from Intel, in an effort to expand capabilities in R&D, tech support, and logistics. The company will also cover use cases for professional & AI programmers, governments, and enterprises, as well as small to medium sized businesses.

Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Client Computing Group at Intel, Michelle Johnston Holthaus said “This is an exciting time for both Intel and ASUS as we move forward with the next chapter in NUC’s story. Today’s signing ceremony signifies more than just a business deal. It signifies ASUS’ dedication to enhancing the lives of NUC customers and partners around the world. I look forward to seeing NUC thrive as part of the ASUS family.”

ASUS are set to continue developing NUC products with plans to grow the channel network in order to meet demand. ASUS NUC solutions will be designed to meet industrial standards, as well as offer top-notch cybersecurity for supporting all businesses.

Future use cases will include Asset & Operations Optimisation, Human Wellness Monitoring, Logistics & Tracking, and Product Inspection.  Additionally, ASUS NUC will continue offering energy-efficient products with world-class green certificates.

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