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Asus Ride PC Boom To Become #1 Taiwanese Brand

Taiwan-based PC vendor Asus is officially the most valuable brand in Taiwan, replacing Trend Mirco in the pole position.

The computing company saw its value rise 23 per cent year on year, to A$2.67 billion, toppling Trend Mirco, an IT solutions company.

These figures were shared by the Taiwan Institution for Economic Research, after an audit commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

Like many PC companies, Asus benefitted from the change in school and work situations during the pandemic, with remote work driving PC demand.

Its 2020 net earnings came in at a record $1.36 billion, with demand skyrocketing further in 2021. Asus saw the cost of chips and components increase, but strong demand meant they were able to pass these costs onto the consumer.

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