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Astell & Kern OZ Distributor Upset Over OS Web Site Claims

Melbourne based audio distributor BusiSoft AV have called in their lawyers after we revealed back in April that the distributor of the new Astell and Kern 24Bit KANN audio player in Australia was failing to offer a free 256GB SD Card, we also suggested that the player which was not available in Australia at the time could be bought cheaper overseas, which at the time it could.

See Story here.

According to their lawyers, the Company got upset after we indicated in our story that Australian consumers could buy the same $1,349 device back in April along with a free 256GB SD card, which is retailing in Australia for $388 from a US retailer Moon Audio.

BusiSoft lawyers claimed that they had been instructed that our reference to the US retailer shipping the same unit to Australia “for the same price” is plainly inaccurate, is a misrepresentation of the facts and amounts to engaging in misleading and deceptive in contravention of section 18 of the Australian Consumer Law.

What we forgot to mention in our original story, which has now been corrected was that if consumers ordered from Moon Audio which who back in April were selling the new KANN 24-bit player for $999 or (A$1,340) and offering a free 256GB SD card worth over $388 customers had to use a trans shipping address in the USA.

It appears that  Astell + Kern had stopped sales by their US retailers to addresses outside of the USA.

Any Australian customers can still buy this product along with other Astell + Kern products from the Moon Audio web site as long as the product is shipped to The Australia Post address in Oregan.

All one has do, is have the product shipped to the Australia Post Shop Mate address in the USA. The cost of shipping via this service is $37.50.

See here how to activate your Australia Post USA shipping service here.  

The Australia Post rate for shipping this product is $37.50.

See Moon Audio site here:

Since writing the original story the offer of a free $256GB SD Card has been withdrawn.

At the time Addicted to Audio which is owned by BusiSoft AV Directors was only offering the new Astell and Kern player on pre-order.

Australian customers who want to order the more expensive Astell & Kern Ultima SP1000 stainless steel high end digital audio player which is selling at Addicted to Audio for $4,999 can place an order at Moon Audio where the same device is selling for $3,499 or A$4,665, add in the $37.50 Australia Post Shipping cost and you end up saving more than $250.

Addicted to Audio is offering 12 months Interest Free for those who still want to buy this device in Australia.

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