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TV Market Awash With Bargains As New Models Struggle To Sell

The Australia TV market is overstocked with last year’s models, with several brands set to discount out 4K UHD TV’s in late June and July at what has been described as “Crazy prices”.

According to industry sources the problem is so “severe” that major brands are struggling to get traction with new 2017 models.

According to Harvey Norman sources Samsung sales of their top end new QLED TV’s have been impacted by the “glut” of older model TV’s that are still on sale in stores.

Currently both JB Hi Fi and Harvey Norman are offering what has been described as “massive discounts” on run out models.

According to Angus Jones, Marketing Director at LG the Korean Company started running out their 2016 models in December 2016 to take advantage of the peak December, January buying period.

Jones said, “We are lucky, we started to shift out old models late in 2016, this allowed us to get our new OLED TV’s into stores earlier in 2017”.

A Sony source said “The TV is tough at the moment. We are impacted less because we have less models and the bulk of our new models are still being released”.

Some mainstream brands are also under pressure from brands being sold at Aldi.

Harvey Norman is currently selling a Hisense 58″ Series 5 4K Ultra HD LED LCD Smart TV that features dynamic backlight control and motion enhancement and compensation to keep visuals vivid and smooth, it is selling for $999 in their half yearly discount sale.

A same sized Bauhn, 4K Ultra High Definition TV complete with Google’s new 4K Chromecast is selling at Aldi for $799. When SmartHouse compared the two the Bauhn was a significantly better TV as it was not only cheaper the display to screen was excellent, users also had the added benefit of a bundled Chromecast Smart TV connection.

Also wading into the TV discount war is BigW with their Polaroid 55″ UHD Smart TV which comes with Freeview. This TV which is manufactured by TCL one of China’s leading TV Companies is selling for $559, add a Chromecast 4K UHD device which sells for $99 at JB Hi Fi and there is little difference from the same sized TV’s being offered by several big brand players.

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