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As Tipped Walt Disney Dumps Stan

As exclusively tipped by ChannelNews The Walt Disney Company has finally pulled the plug on Nine Entertainment streaming service Stan ahead of the local launch of Disney+ this Tuesday.

The move is no surprise with Stan now struggling to attract studio’s with speculation that they will also lose Showtime next year.

The Disney tile that appeared on the home page of Stan has been removed, but some programs remain on the service, ­including two seasons of Lizzie McGuire.

Marvel films and movies ­including The Lion King, Toy Story and The Incredibles have been removed from the platform, which has hosted the content since last December.

Stan management have been desperate to hold on to the Disney content as research showed it was a major draw card for parents looking for acceptable content to keep their children occupied said one source.

Stan has declined to comment on the removal of content and its ­future plans with Disney.

Stan chief executive Mike Sneesby has said in the past that he wants to continue the partnership after the one-year deal expired next month.

The removal of Disney’s content from Stan follows the ­removal of the Disney Movie channel from subscription service Foxtel earlier this month.

It was replaced by new channel Foxtel Movie Kids, which ­includes films such as Shaun The Sheep and Adventures of Elmo in Grouch Land.

Foxtel, which is owned by The Australian’s publisher News Corp, remains the home of Disney’s FX studio.

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