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Smaller Operators Stealing NBN Market Share From Telstra

Optus and smaller retail service providers ( RSPs) are now eating into Telstra’s NBN retail market share, the latest quarterly report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), now available, demonstrates.

Telstra’s market share fell 0.5% in the three months to 48.1%, while Optus was up 0.8% to take 15.2% of the market and smaller telcos to 7.3% between them, up 0.2%.

Optus added a record 80,000-plus customers in the quarter, thanks to NBN Co targeting its legacy FC footprint, while Vodafone added some 21,000 NBN customers to reach 93,000 NBN customers – and Aussie Broadband is reaching 163,000.

NBN Co’s 50Mbps plans now make up 57.1% of all NBN residential services, up from 55.4% in the previous quarter., while 12 or 25Mbps services are used by 34% of NBN customers.

ACCC chair Rod Sims says that these much-criticised lower-speed services play a crucial role in the transition from legacy services to the NBN.“The ACCC is committed to ensuring that customers who have no need for, or do not want, higher-speed services have access to basic affordable broadband products on the NBN,” Sims said.

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