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As NAB Dump Executives, Robots Are Being Used To Talk To Customers

Customers of the small UBank outfit – part of the National Australia Bank (NAB) empire – who are seeking home loan information are set to get advice faster thanks to a robot named Mia – short for My Interactive Agent.

Mia can provide answers to a large range of the most commonly asked questions during the home loan application, the bank claims. But, no, she can’t OK a loan.

“Customers will be able to speak to Mia day and night, and she will answer more than 300 of the most common questions customers have about the home loan application journey,” said UBank.

“We see Mia as a really nice evolution, especially in the home loan experience where you can create an emotional connection and have your questions answered and do it all in the comfort of your own home,” she said.

Not everyone agrees. Corelogic global head of technology Greg Dickason told News.com he is sceptical about an automated advice platform replacing some of the services typically provided by a broker.

But, he said: “Something’s got to step into the bridge if mortgage brokers disappear, and it’s only going to be intelligent digital approaches that can possibly help, You’re definitely going to see a process where it’s digital for everybody except for the people who … can afford to pay a financial planner and a mortgage broker.”

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