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As Demand For Vacs Soar LG Reveals New Range

As more people work from home demand for vacuum cleaners have soared with LG expanding their range with the introduction of new robotic and power mop models.

The new range is expected to be released in Australia in the new year.

Among the new cleaning products from the South Korean manufacturer is a new LG CordZero Stick vacuum (Model A929KVM) which has superior suction to prior models, a new power mop and an LG CordZero ThinQ Robotic Vacuum (Model R975GM) that delivers new vacuuming capability because of built in artificial intelligence.

The LG CordZero stick vacuum incorporates the Companies Kompressor technology that lets users clean more and empty less.

It also features two rechargeable batteries that deliver up to 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning.

LG claims their Kompressor technology, more than doubles the bin capacity (compared to previous models).

An LG Smart Inverter Motor provides suction capability on a range of floor types with five-step HEPA filtration that helps filter 99.9 percent of dust.

Users can switch seamlessly to the power mop attachment that gives hard floors a finish without needing buckets or harmful chemicals LG clams.

The reservoir takes tap water, and there are no special solutions or harsh chemicals involved.

The washable, dual spinning microfiber pads are automatically moistened thanks to the vacuum’s integrated water tank that can be removed for filling. Power levels can be adjusted with fingertip controls (high, low, off levels) to match whatever cleaning situation needs to be tackled.

For added convenience, it comes with a portable charge stand that holds all the attachments and can be connected to the ThinQ app to access step-by-step guides for cleaning the filters and setting up smartphone reminders for routine maintenance.

The CordZero Robot vacuum is LG’s most powerful robot vacuum. It combines the hands-free benefits of a robot vacuum with the suction (120W) and deep cleaning of a traditional vacuum, thanks to its Smart Inverter Motor with Axial Turbo Cyclone.

The Power Nozzle with anti-tangle brush lifts dirt, dust, and hair from a variety of surfaces, while 60 built-in blades power through dust and dirt to leave neat carpet lines behind. The five-step HEPA Filtration System filters 99.9 percent of dust, pollen, and pet dander. It offers up to 100 minutes of battery life and is ultra-quiet at 60 dB in normal mode.

With built-in intelligence, the CordZero robot vacuum delivers precision navigation and flooring mapping – all while avoiding collisions. Using 3D Dual Eye technology and its Laser Sensor, it maps out each room and then uses its built-in intelligence to remember the details of a space. The ThinQ mobile app that lets the user program, start, or stop the vacuum remotely and clean specific rooms.
Australian pricing for the new models have not yet been announced.

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