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Are Apple Refreshing iPads With New Chips?

Rumours are circulating that Apple are set to announce a surprise iPad update this week, which should be available on three iPads, the base model, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

Some leaks are suggesting a more likely announcement is a 3rd generation Apple Pencil instead of new tablet versions, however sources claim the only indication is that it’s “something” iPad related.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg said, “I don’t believe updates of any significance are imminent.” He proceeded to mention Apple is developing versions of the iPads with new chips.

A leak from September noted the Apple Pencil 3 would add interchangeable magnetic tips.

It’s been reported Apple could issue a press release announcing the iPad Air and Mini have been bumped to M2 and A16 Bionic chips.

Last year, the company refreshed the iPad Air and 10th Gen iPad, however it’s been twice as long since the iPad Mini was refreshed.

There are rumours Apple’s iPad Mini’s display controller will be updated in order to address a jelly scroll issue, but apart from these, Apple aren’t in talks to change much else.

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