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Apple Move Up New iPad & iPhone Software Launch

Apple has bumped up the release date for both the iOS 13.1 and iPadOS to September 24, six days ahead of schedule.

Firstly, the new update will deliver bug fixes and reliability changes to address a number of issues in the recently released iOS 13.0, as well as several new features.

These include automated Siri Shortcut actions, Share ETA in Apple Maps, tweaks to the volume HUD, data separation for enterprise devices, new animated icons in the Home app, iCloud folder sharing, amongst others.

In terms of exclusive features, the new update will deliver Deep Fusion, which is an advanced neural network photography algorithms for the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

iOS 13.1 will also fix the lockscreen bypass exploit found in iOS 13.0, which is a major security flaw found in the current hardware.

As for iPadOS, which is Appleā€™s new separate software operating system for iPads, brings updates to the Files app, several new multi-tasking features, new productivity text-editing gestures, a Dark Mode and a new Reminders app.

In addition to these updates, several tablet-specific features will also be included, such as expanded Apple Pencil functionality, improved file management, as well as a new version of Safari which allows for a desktop-like internet browsing experience.

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