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Apple Working On A Retractable Macbook Keyboard

Apple’s latest patent shows the company is working on what could be a game-changing piece of technology: the retractable keyboard.

Apple’s filing, named ‘Retractable keyboards’ explains how the keyboard would operate on a hinge, rising and falling as the Macbook is opened and closed. It would ‘float’ above the base of the laptop, making it easier and more natural to type, and can be adjusted to suit.

“Keyboards are disclosed that are retractable,” the patent reads. “Movable magnetic or mechanical linkage elements are configured to reposition keycaps and stabilisers between different relative positions.

“Structures in a movable layer can act on the keycaps or stabilizers to move the keycaps and stabilisers into a retracted position for storage and for saving space in an electronic device. The stabilisers can be scissor mechanisms, butterfly mechanisms, and similar devices. The movable layer can be moved in response to rotation of a hinge or other mechanical element in the electronic device.”

This invention will help to make laptops thinner, and smaller overall, with no need to allow space between the screen and the keyboard. It’s also rather important from a health point of view, with carpal tunnel and other RSI-type injuries usually a result of unnatural positioning of the wrists, elbows, and arms.

Plus, it will look neat.

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