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Apple Watch Users Finally Get Important Streaming Update

Apple Watch users can now stream Spotify directly from their wearable device without the need for their phones.

Up until now, the Apple Watch would only work as a remote which was paired to a smartphone that was streaming Spotify music.

But the music streaming giant has rolled out an update to its watchOS app, with users receiving a display message on their watchface that the device can now stream directly from Spotify.

According to 9to5Mac, some users received the following notification: Would you like to stream Spotify on your Apple Watch? Choose it here.

Users won’t need a connected phone to play music however the Apple Watch will still need cellular or Wi-Fi access.

Because of a limited display, the watchOS update won’t let users search for songs via typing. However, Siri will be able to search through Spotify via voice activation.

Apple and Spotify are yet to confirm the update.

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