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REVIEW: Why Android TV, QLED Display Tech & 4K Hitachi Adds Up

Is Google and its Android TV platform set to dominate the TV market?

I recently reviewed the all new Hitachi 4K QLED TV that came with Android TV as the main OS, this TV is on sale at The Good Guys and JB Hi-Fi and it’s a cracker TV for the money.

Instead of one of the large screen TVs I decided to review the 50” model, as there are many areas of a home where this size is ideal and you don’t have to compromise on size to get a perfect fit for a room.

The first thing you notice about this TV is that it is extremly light when you lift it out of the box and once plugged in it’s extremely easy to set up.

This TV is only $899 and is a classic example of the fact that not all cutting edge TV technology can be found in large screen TV’s/

Th display in this TV is QLED a high dynamic range (HDR) picture technology.

Samsung was the first brand to launch a QLD HDR-capable TV back in 2015, and since then QLED has set their TV’s apart from their competitors and now Japanese brand Hitachi is using the technology for their TV’s.

What does QLED stand for?

The important bit of QLED is the Q, which stands for Quantum Dot.

Quantum Dots offer a different way for screens to produce colour instead of the usual inefficient and limited combination of white LEDs and colour filters.

The dots in question range between two and 10 nanometers in diameter, and produce different colours depending on their size. For instance, the smallest dots focus on blue, the larger ones focus on red.

The key point about Quantum Dots is that they’re able to produce more heavily saturated and precisely defined primary colours from blue LEDs than you can get from the relatively broad and thus imprecise light spectrum associated with white LEDs.

This ability to deliver less ‘watered down’ brightness and colour intensity is why Quantum Dots are increasingly being adopted as the ‘go to’ colour solution for high quality high dynamic range LED/LCD TVs.

Link this technology with the new and significantly improved Android TV OS and you have an excellent TV solution.

Google and their Chrome web browser have over 70% global share so there is literally tens of millions of people who can easily log onto Android TV and get full access to Google apps from Play Store as well as G Mail.

The Android TV OS delivers exclusive features you won’t find on other devices such as hands-free Google Assistant. Instead of having to press a button on the remote you can talk directly to the Hitachi TV.

Another big plus is that you also get Netflix and access to a host of additional streaming apps.

The pther nice thing about this 50″ Hitachi TV is that buying a television with Android TV built-in while also getting access to QLED display technology doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. This TV delivers 4K HDR streaming, four HDMI ports, and fully-fledged Android TV software for just $899.

And the reason we like this Hitachi TV is that everyone’s living room is a different shape and size, but for a lot of folks, you will get a better TV experience in a smaller room area with a 50″ or 55″ inch TV.

In addition to controlling the Android TV interface, the remote you get with your Hitachi Android TV television allows for all of the other hardware-focused controls you’re after.

You can use it to change picture settings, switch between inputs, adjust the backlighting, etc. It allows for all-in-one controls you just can’t get with a Google Chromecast.

Not only that, only having to worry about one remote and not two is pure bliss.

Juggling a couple of remotes might not seem like the end of the world, but in day-to-day use, having just one is so much nicer.

Technical Specifications Hitachi 50″ TV

TV Technology: QLED
Screen Size: 50″
Screen Resolution: 3840 x 2160
Display Resolution: Ultra High Definition
Additional Features: 4K HDR, Google Assistant, Slim Frame
Colour Technology: Quantum Dot colour enhancement film
Dimming: Direct backlighting
Motion Rate: HMR120
Smart TV: Android TV
Compatible Video Streaming Apps: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, You Tube, Google Store Streaming Apps
Hands-free Voice Assistant: No – Access the Google Assistant with the included voice remote control
HDR Format: HDR10
Sound: 8W x 2
HDMI Input: 4
USB Input: 3
VESA Wall Mount Size (mm): 200 x 200
Weight with stand (without stand): 15Kg (11.5)
Release Year: 2020
Product Height (mm): 702
Product Width (mm): 1115
Product Depth (mm): 250
What’s In The Box: 50 Ultra HD Android TV, Voice Remote Control, AAA Batteries, Mini AV Adaptor, TV Stands, Screws for the TV Stand, User Manual, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Certificate, General Safety Warnings
Manufacturer’s Warranty: 3 Year


RATING: 9/10






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