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Apple Watch Series 7 Rumours

The unreleased Apple Watch Series 7 is tipped to feature a blood glucose monitoring system via an optical sensor, according to reports.

Apple’s next-generation smartwatch – which may be released mid-2021 – could have a blood glucose monitoring feature, much like what the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is rumoured to have.

The feature would use a non-invasive optical sensor which Apple already secured patents for in 2017.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was reportedly seen testing what was believed to be a prototype glucose monitor on his Apple Watch too.

The iPhone maker is now “focusing on securing reliability and stability prior to commercialization of the technology”, reportsĀ 9to5Mac.

The Apple optical sensor is understood to be designed as a skin-top continuous monitoring solution which does not require an invasive implant.

Apple has been gradually upgrading the health monitoring abilities of the Apple Watch, with blood oxygen level feature introduced in the latest Apple Watch Series 6.

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