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Apple Watch Blood Pressure Monitor Hits Development Snags

Apple Watch owners waiting for the long-anticipated blood pressure monitor feature are set to have to wait quite a lot longer. According to a report by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, Apple have hit some roadblocks that will delay the rollout until 2024 ‘at the earliest’.

The feature has been on the minds of Apple customers for some time now, however according to Gurman’s report, the feature may not be seen until the release of the 2025 Apple Watch. Development teams of the Cupertino based tech giant have struggled to build a reliable and accurate heart rate monitor.

Furthermore, when the feature is finally rolled out, it is unlikely to give users an actual reading, but rather a warning of hypertension, and would advise them to visit a doctor for an accurate reading. Apple also plan on adding a blood sugar monitor, although the rollout of feature is also not expected to arrive for years.


Other health features and tracking sensors are due to arrive with the Apple Watch 8.

Wearables are being increasingly targeted at personal health, as Fitbit struggle to stay ahead of the game in the health smartwatch market. For example, Fitbit, who were once the pioneer of health wearable technology, have only just received FDA approval for their atrial fibrillation detection technology, a feature Apple have had for years, and plan to expand on with their watchOS 9.

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