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More Apple Factories Shut Down, Product Delays Expected

Two more factories tasked with assembling Apple products have halted production in China, as COVID-19 lockdowns in the Shanghai region continues to cause havoc with production.

Pegatron, the second-largest assembler of iPhones behind Foxconn, announced it has suspended production at factories in Shanghai the nearby Jiangsu province, in compliance with local government requirements.

The Taiwan-based Pegatron is a major iPhone assembler, meaning that continued shutdowns may force Apple to delay its September launch.

Pegatron managed to dodge Shanghai government implemented lockdown measures in late March, with its workers able to live, travel, and work in a ‘bubble’. It’s unclear what changed with the company’s circumstances to force this shutdown.

Stringent restriction of movement between provinces is also making it difficult for trucks to enter factories with supplies, crippling business for even those who can manage to keep workers in a travel bubble.

With a lot of the world’s tech production centred in Shanghai, Apple are unlikely to be the only major brand hit with delays.

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