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Apple vs Intel? New Mac With First Ever In-House Processor Under Construction

Apple’s first ever Mac with an in-house designed arm processor is set to be launched during the first half of 2021, in a move that would see Apple move away from Intel.

The news come after prior information that suggested the tech giant could begin using Arm-based chips as soon as this year, but now credible analyst from MacRumours, Ming Chi Kuo, has indicated consumers won’t see one until next year.

‘We expect that Apple’s new products in 12-18 months will adopt processors made by 5nm process, including the new 2H20 5G iPhone, new 2H20 iPad equipped with mini LED, and new 1H21 Mac equipped with the own-design processor,’ Kuo said in a statement.

‘We think that iPhone 5G support, ‌iPad‌’s adoption of innovative mid-size panel technology, and Mac’s first adoption of the own-design processor are all Apple’s critical product and technology strategies.’

(Imaginechina via AP Images)

Kuo also said that given the processor is the core component of new products, it is believed Apple has increased 5nm-related investments after the coronavirus outbreak.

Additionally, Apple occupying more resources of related suppliers will further hinder competitions’ developments.

If the move is correct, it would see Apple’s dependency on Intel diminish.

Over recent years, the company’s product releases have been hindered by Intel chip delays. With its own chips, Apple would not have that problem.

The new Mac with an Apple-designed chip, the 2020 5G iPhone and a high-end iPad with a mini LED display speculated for the second half of this year are said to use 5-nanometer chips.

These chips will be faster and more efficient than the A13 chips used in the most recent iPhones that have been built on a 7-nanometer plus process.

Apple is said to have become ‘more aggressive’ in their research, development and production for the 5-nanometer chip technology, in efforts to ramp up investments to reduce uncertainty caused by the coronavirus outbreak in China.

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