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Apple Upgrading iPad and Mac Lineup

According to reports out of Bloomberg, Apple is looking at catering to professional iPad users with a slew of upgrades to be revealed at the company’s press event on the 7th of September.

Bloomberg says that a major update to the iPad’s operating system will include broader support for the Apple Pencil. 

Reports say that iPad users will soon be able to annotate using the stylus across major applications including Mail, Safari and iMessage in much the same manner as Samsung’s Note 7.

As it stands, Pencil integration is limited to specific applications.

Sources also told Bloomberg that an enhanced 10.5-inch display would also be coming to next-gen iPads, allowing for smoother scrolling and more screenspace.

Major upgrades are also expected to come to Mac users from as soon as October.

These upgrades include a thinner Macbook Pro, USB-C-ready MacBook Air and an iMac that can have its graphics card upgraded.

Expect some or all of this to be mentioned at Apple’s iPhone 7 event next week.

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