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Apple TV Arrives On Sony Smart TVs In Oz

Apple TV will finally come to Sony smart TVs in Australia, starting on this year’s X9000H series.

The software update that will bring Apple’s streaming service to Sony TVs was announced in October, but has now arrived on Australian shores.

According to Aki Hosoda, Head of TV, Sony ANZ, the app will give Sony smart TV customers access to a broad range of channels and original streaming content.

“We are thrilled to be offering the Apple TV app on our latest Sony X9000H series, with plans to roll out the app further on select models by the end of the year.

“The Apple TV app will open up an even bigger world of entertainment, allowing customers to enjoy Apple TV+, Apple TV channels and more, in addition to a whole range of entertainment apps available on our smart TVs,” said Hosoda.

The Apple TV app will come to Sony’s Z8H, A8H, X95H, X80H, Z9G, A9G, X95G, X85G, Z9F and A9F smart TVs over December, with the firmware update now also available for manual download through sony.com.au.

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