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Apple Takes The Cake In Mobile Devices

Apple’s mobile devices are blitzing the opposition, with tech sector analyst IDC reporting that the company topped mobile phone and tablet sales in Q4.

IDC said Apple captured the top position globally in 4Q19, boosted by a strong performance in the holiday quarter, similar to 2018. Apple shipped 73.8 million iPhones in 4Q19, recording year-over-year growth of 7.9%.

The iPhone 11 series did well, particularly in developed regions like the US and Europe, while iPhone XR remained popular globally.

Apple also maintained its lead in tablet sales in the quarter, growing 22.7% year over year, while Samsung shipments fell 7.4% and Huawei 2.8%.

The new iPad launched last quarter accounted for nearly 65% of the iPhone maker’s shipments and helped the company gain a 36.5% market share, compared to 29.6% last year.

But there is a downside for Apple, brought on by the unexpected emergence of the coronavirus. Analysts are warning Apple’s decision to temporarily shutter its stores in China could delay up to 1 million iPhone sales.

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