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Apple Services Outage Hits News, TV+ & More

Several Apple services have been hit with technical errors since earlier today, with the tech giant escalating select statuses from “issue” to “outage” both in Australia and the United States.

Disclosed to Apple’s United States system status page, services which currently sit with an “outage” status include Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Apple Books.

Services listed with a “resolved outage” status include iCloud Calendar, iCloud Contacts, News, Photos and  Game Center.

According to Apple’s Australian system status page, services with an “outage” include Apple Books, with resolved outages including AppleCare in iOS, News and Apple School Manager.

According to the system status page, many of the service outages commenced from around 10:00am, with some resolved issues and/or outages taking up to two hours.

Apple states “some users are affected”, with outage services advised to be “unavailable or slow for some users.”

[Excerpt: Apple System Status: US]

[Excerpt: Apple System Status: AU]



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