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Apple Might Have A Lightning Adaptor On The Cards?

Bad news for EarPods-hopefuls, it looks like the iPhone 7 might be shipping with an adaptor that’ll allow users to connect a pair of ‘classic’ 3.5mm headphones for use with the device.

Vietnamese site tinhte.vn leaked the existence of the adaptor, posting pictures of the small peripheral and video that tested it on a number of iOS devices.

Their tests found the connector incompatible with anything less recent than iOS 10.

In addition – headphones connected through the adaptor were given priority over those using the traditional headphone jack. 

All this said, it’s unknown whether the leaked adaptor is an official Apple product or perhaps a third party peripheral. However, including the adaptor with iPhone 7 would be a smart move to ease the device’s transition towards new headphone tech.

Still, it’s another nail in the coffin for the headphone jack and a positive sign for those who don’t want to shell out for an Lightning-compatible pair of headphones. 

Presumably, all will be revealed in September.

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