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Apple Marketing Boss Replaced

Apple Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, has been replaced by veteran product marketing leader, Greg Joswiak, as the former steps into a “Fellow” role with the Cupertino giant.

Both Schiller and Joswiak are deemed to have have held central roles within many of Apple’s most successful consumer electronics launches.

Schiller has been with Apple since 1987, and Joswiak over 20 years.

In his tenure to-date, Joswiak has “overseen the product management and product marketing for numerous breakthrough products including the original iPod and iPhone,” said Apple in a statement.

The promotion will see Joswiak tasked with managing Apple’s product marketing, market research, enterprise marketing, developer relations and more in a Senior VP capacity.

Schiller will continue to assist with Apple’s App Store and events, reporting to Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook.

The replacement comes as Schiiler, 60, reportedly seeks to make more time for family.

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