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Apple Makes Radical Changes To Siri In iOS 14.5

Apple’s new iOS update is getting rid of Siri’s default voice for the first time since it was added to iPhones in 2011.

The Apple voice assistant, which was the first widely used AI assistant in smartphones, has always defaulted to the original female tone in all iterations of the iPhone.

However, in the iOS 14.5 update, Siri won’t default to any voice at all and users will have two new options for voice assistants.

According to TechCrunch, users will be prompted to choose if they prefer a male or female voice when they set up a new iPhone.

The two new voice options will be available to English speakers worldwide and are named Voice 2 and Voice 3 in the iPhone’s settings.

The new features for iOS 14.5 are currently only available in beta, but it is expected to have a global release very soon.

iOS 14.5 also includes updates such as mask support for Face ID, PS5 and Xbox Series X controller support and a new App Tracking Transparency privacy feature.

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