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Apple In Talks To Bring Scripted Video Content To Music Service

Building on reports that emerged back in September, Apple is said to be expanding the scope of its Apple Music subscription service to include original streaming video content.

Sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal have indicated that Apple is in talks with veteran producers in recent months about buying rights to scripted television programs and has also approached experienced marketing executives at studios and networks to discuss hiring them to promote its content.

They say that the company hopes to start offering premium scripted video content by the end of 2017, with original movie content also said to be a possibility.

Apple acquired the rights to produce a series based on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke segment back in July and currently offers music videos and smaller mini-documentaries about musicians via their Apple Music service.

However, a more robust video content library will likely see them try to compete with Netflix for audiences.

An expansion to video content will also serve to boost Apple Music’s subscriber numbers further and help close the gap between them and music rival Spotify, even if it dilutes that rivalry somewhat.

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