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Will Apple Take On Netflix With Original Content?

Will Apple Take On Netflix With Original Content?Variety has reported sources as indicating
Apple has held preliminary conversations with Hollywood executives.
According to the report, one high level executive who talked with Apple
stated the goal is to create development and production divisions,
creating long-form content in a bid to compete with Netflix.

According to Variety’s source, Apple is looking to begin hiring in the coming months, with the goal of being in operation next year.

Apple currently provides video on demand through iTunes, with users able to purchase movies and TV shows, however a move into original content could be the precursor to moving into streaming video.

Should Apple devote its clout to streaming, it could significantly change the current digital landscape, creating a new level of competition, taking the challenge to streaming
services Netflix, Amazon and Hulu.

Apple recently launched its Apple Music streaming service, taking on the likes of Spotify and Pandora, with reports last month indicating it had attracted 11 million trial members in the month since its launch.

A move into video streaming could be a logical next step. Of course, if Apple proceeds with the move, there is still a long road to be travelled, and there are a lot of questions as to exactly what form the Apple service would take. As noted by Variety, Apple could opt for a monthy price or an ad-supported model.

Apple could unveil its next-gen Apple TV at an event on September 9, expected to be headlined by the unveiling of its new iPhone 6s models.