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Apple iMac Curved Edition

Apple may be taking a different approach to the foldable revolution after a US patent revealed a curved version of what could be the brand new design for its all-in-one desktop, the iMac.

First filed in July 2018, the recently published patent has revealed an ‘Electronic Device with Glass Housing Member’ featuring an electronic display that could have a ‘curved surface between the upper portion and the lower portion’.

The display is stated to join through a ‘transition portion’ made out of ‘a continuous curved surface’ with users able to adjust the curve depending on use cases.

Also included in the patent is a ‘glass housing member’ that can be configured ‘to detect inputs at the input area’ which may be another hint at a new keyboard design.

While no new iMac’s have been confirmed at this stage, the illustrations give rise to what could its new design – a device that hasn’t seen a makeover since it slimmed down in 2012.

It comes amongst rumours of a new suite of iPad’s and a new 13-inch Macbook Pro with updated scissor switches.

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