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Apple Hopes To Ship More Than 9 Million OLED iPad Pros

Apple reportedly has a shipment target of over 9 million for its first OLED-screen tablet, the iPad Pro.

According to DigiTimes Asia, the overall IT device market has suffered a recent downturn, which makes this target noteworthy.

Apple’s OLED iPad Pro is available in two sizes, 11-inch and 13-inch. LG Display supplied both sizes, while Samsung Display provided the panels for the 11-inch.

What’s also affected market expectations is the launch delays of the OLED iPad Pro. However, reports are suggesting Apple and display manufacturers in South Korea have stuck to their original shipment estimates.

According the TheElec, which cited market research firm Omdia, there is a prediction the tablet OLED shipment volume this year could reach 12.1 million units.

Hybrid OLEDs are expected to account for 8.12 million units or 61.7 per cent.

This supports a previous claim from March that states Apple’s suppliers were preparing 8.5 million OLED panels for iPad Pro usage, according to Apple Insider.

The Apple OLED iPad Pro is the first to use hybrid OLED, meaning a significant portion of this forecast will consist of the device.

Other market research firms have predicted the shipment volume to be between 4.5 and 5 million units.

However, industry sources have indicated that companies including Apple, LG Display, and Samsung Display will stick to their original goals.

LG’s OLED shipment goal is reportedly 5 million units, while Samsung’s is over 4 million units.

Additionally, to increase the production capacity of the iPad OLED, Samsung is reportedly expanding from one to two production lines at its A3 line.

The A3 line has single-stack OLEDs as a standard design, usually producing OLEDs for Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

LG’s E6-4 production line was created to produce two-stack tandem OLEDs. A Tandem OLED panel refers to one that stacks multiple OLED screens on top of one another.

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