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Google Play Store Gives Users More Control Over Personal Data Shared With Apps

Ahead of a May 31, 2024, deadline for all apps on Google Play to comply with the tech giant’s directives regarding user data deletion, the Play Store has begun adding ‘Account Deletion Available’ badges to compliant apps.

Last year, Google announced new account deletion requisites for app developers. It was applicable to those apps which enable account creation. These apps now need to mandatorily provide users with an in-app path to delete their app accounts and associated data.

Google also requires the developers of these apps to provide a web link resource where users can request app account deletion and associated data deletion. This way, if a user has uninstalled an app, they need not reinstall the app to request their data or account be deleted.

It stated that those apps which did not conform to its new rules could face “additional enforcement actions in the future, such as the removal of your app from Google Play.”

As Android Authority reported this week, the “Account Deletion Available” badge is now live on the Google Play Store, appearing in the Data Safety section of app listings.

There are exceptions that can be made to the new directive. For example, while developers comply with the new rules, they are also required to disclose if they need to retain certain data for legitimate reasons, such as regulatory compliance, security, and fraud prevention.

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