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Are The Days Numbered For Apple’s Pre-Installed Apps?

Antitrust reforms introduced last week mean that Apple is no longer allowed to bake apps into its devices, making it impossible for users to remove them.

Democratic Representative David Cicilline is pushing to pass a slew of new regulations for American tech companies, telling reporters, “It would be equally easy to download the other five apps as the Apple one, so they’re not using their market dominance to favor their own products and services.”

While the law doesn’t prevent Apple from pre-installing apps on its devices, it does mean that users can decide to remove them if they wish.

The bill looks to be passed by the House Judiciary Committee next week, and will also apply to Amazon’s Prime subscription service, which currently disadvantages some sellers.

“You can’t make it impossible for people to use other services that are the same. You can’t exclude other people so you only are left that one,” Cicilline concluded.

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