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Apple AirTags Assist Thieves, Tile CEO Says

Tile, the company behind the item trackers, has struck out at Apple’s AirTag, saying the items actually aid thieves by alerting them to their existence.

The tracking company has introduced its own Ant-Theft Mode, which requires users to submit and apply for an advanced ID verification process that includes a biometric scan.

This is for users “wanting to keep track of valuables in an under-the-radar manner”, according to Life360 co-founder and CEO Chris Hulls.

Unlike other Bluetooth trackers on the market, namely AirTags, Tile does not notify nearby smartphone users when an unknown Bluetooth tracker is traveling with them. said Hulls.

“These proactive notifications can communicate to thieves that a tracker is on the stolen item, allowing them to remove it and making recovering the item less likely. Some competitor products go as far as to issue an audible beep once the tracker has been separated from its owner, making it clear that a tracker is present and enabling thieves to find it with precision.

“The proactive notifications found in the Bluetooth tracker industry were designed to prevent stalking; however, these anti-stalking measures have been criticised for being insufficient for victim protection. Instead, these alerts have the possibility of making Bluetooth trackers easily identifiable by thieves.”

Apple’s attempts to nobble Tile are central to a major investigation by the US Justice Department, who are probing Apple’s anticompetitive practices.

Apple introduced its Find My tracking app in 2019, and released the AirTag in 2021 – both of which were deemed anticompetitive moves by Life360.

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