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Android TV Rumoured For ‘Google TV’ Rebrand

Google is rumoured to ditch its Android TV branding in favour for ‘Google TV’, following a continuing trend of removing the Android name from various products and services (e.g. Android Wear to WearOS, Android Pay to Google Pay).

According to 9to5Google, sources state Google is planning to rename Android TV to Google TV, which commentators claim could point towards the future launch of a standalone Google TV branded television.

Market watchers claim a rebrand could offer further synchronicity and simplicity for its expanding smart home ecosystem.

Google currently employs its Android TV operating system onto third-party manufacturers and is yet to announce a formal entry into the television market.

Commentators claim a jump into the TV market could also complement the Google Stadia cloud gaming streaming service in the long-run.

Back in 2010, Google co-developed a smart TV platform with Intel, Sony and Logitech called Google TV. It was launched with devices initially made by Sony & Logitech (e.g. like a set-top box).

[Sony Google TV]

[Sony Google TV w/ BRAVIA – 2012]

This old ‘Google TV’ product integrated an Android operating system and Chrome web browser for an interactive overlay on top of existing online video sites.

The product was eventually abandoned, and years later the new Android TV was launched as a different offering.

Market watchers question whether the rumoured ‘rebrand’ will confuse consumers who may have been familiar with the older ‘Google TV’ product back in 2010, however, some say later demographics will be unaware it even existed, laying a new foundation.

It’s unclear whether the rumours will amount to anything concrete, however, it does point towards a new growth strategy for Google.

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