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Google Once Considered Acquiring Zoom, Which Was More Popular With Employees

According to The Information, Google briefly considered acquiring Zoom back in 2018, after high-level executives discovered that several thousand employees were using the emerging platform instead of Google’s own video conferencing tool.

Evidently, Google ultimately decided to double down on further refining Google Meet instead.

Since then, Zoom has expanded to become one of Google Meet’s primary competitors, further driven by the move to remote work with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Zoom now has 300 million daily meeting participants. By comparison, Google Meet has closer to 100 million daily participants, though Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that they were adding 3 million new users every day.

Google Meet has even gone so far as to adopt more of a similar interface to Zoom, with a gallery display.

However, Zoom’s rapid expansion has not been without trouble. Google has banned its employees from using Zoom, citing poor end-to-end encryption and other security concerns.

A spokesperson for Google Cloud told The Information that the company never seriously evaluated acquiring Zoom.

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